The Dubai Frame – a Unique Structure in the UAE

With a longstanding entrepreneurial presence in Dallas, Texas, David T. Ball is an avid traveler who has visited destinations that include Bali and India. While in Dubai, David T. Ball explored the city’s next-generation architecture.

One of the most unique landmarks in Dubai is the Dubai Frame, which opened in 2018 after more than a decade of work. Billed as the largest picture frame in the world, this 150-meter structure in Zabeel Park is made of aluminum, steel, glass, and concrete. Its major function is aesthetic, with visitors encouraged to look south through its empty center at a gleaming contemporary skyline. By looking north, visitors can see the historical districts of Dubai and the heritage of the original urban landscape.

Visitors can ride to the top of the 50-story Frame and get a bird’s-eye view of the city in a nearly 100-meter viewing gallery. Featuring golden motifs that reflect the sun, the Frame also houses an immersive exhibition of the history of the United Arab Emirates, a nation that has grown exponentially in the past century.


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