What to Know About the Gunung Kawi Temple in Bali

David T. Ball
David T. Ball

The recipient of a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Southern Methodist University, David T. Ball is a Dallas, Texas resident whose job involves extensive travel. David T. Ball also enjoys traveling for non-work-related purposes and, in 2018, visited the Indonesian island of Bali.

The majority of tourist attractions in Bali can be found in its southern and central regions. One of the more prominent attractions is Ubud’s Gunung Kawi, which is the oldest Balinese Hindu temple in the region. Built during the 11th century, the temple is now a popular culture conservation hub that overlooks the Pakerisan River and consists of 10 different shrines, each of which are cut out of the face of a rock cliff to imitate actual buildings.

The shrines, which were built to worship King Udayana Warmadewa, are complemented by small stone caves which used to be visited by Buddhist monks. The tourist attraction is open to the public from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and those wishing to enter must be wearing a sarong and shawl, which can either be purchased or rented at the ticket counter.


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