Five Safety Tips for Dune Bashing


Dune Bashing pic
Dune Bashing

An active member of the Dallas, Texas, community, David T. Ball has volunteered for the local Crawl for Cancer fundraising event for the last five years. A domestic and an international travel enthusiast, David T. Ball took advantage of an opportunity to try dune bashing, or driving over desert dunes at increasing and decreasing speeds, on a trip to the Middle East in 2015. Tourists may want to consider the following tips to stay safe during their next dune-bashing tour.

1. Research tour companies thoroughly. Look for knowledgeable companies with an established history of providing professional services while remaining skeptical of low-priced desert packages before committing to a dune-bashing tour. Some lower-priced packages will trade quality for affordability, making for an experience below your expectations.

2. Dress appropriately. Desert conditions can put you at risk for heat stroke and hypothermia if you don’t wear appropriate clothing. Wear loose-fitting articles that cover as much skin as possible to protect it from the sun. If you choose an evening tour, bring a sweater or something similar to help you remain warm at lower temperatures. Open shoes will also likely make it easier to traverse across the sand.

3. Bring sun protection. Make sure to use plenty of high-SPF sunblock on all areas of exposed skin to protect yourself from the sun. You may also want to bring sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

4. Pay attention to weather. Factor the weather into your travel plans since rainy or snowy conditions can present a number of challenges. Rain can create muddy areas where the vehicle can become stuck or prone to slipping, making it easier for it to tip over if on a hill.

5. Hire an experienced guide. Some places allow you to arrange self-drive desert tours in a well-maintained vehicle accompanied by a guide. Make sure your guide possesses significant experience in dune bashing and traversing through the desert.


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